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"I very much enjoyed the film...very professionally produced and quite comprehensive."
Professor Jean BessonGoldsmiths, University of London
“Akwantu: the Journey is by far the most successful, far‐reaching and accessible work of scholarship produced by anyone…which endeavors to depict the Maroon epic”
Professor Harcourt T. FullerGeorgia State University
“Well done! Totally engaging and informative.”
MisaniNew York Amsterdam News
“Solid historical material in a beautifully filmed story.”
Caribbean Camera
“A very personal story that opens up into a significant historical journey.”
June GivanniFilm Curator
Stephanie BlackDirector – Life and Debt
“Thanks to his own heritage and considerable work, Anderson has been able to bring this important group to the attention of the wider world.”
Professor John K. ThorntonBoston University
“A unique film…quite moving. Congratulations for the determination and persistence that allowed you (Roy) to bring your dream to fruition.”
Kenneth L. BilbyAuthor – True-Born Maroons
“A must see film. Meticulously researched.”
Murphy BrownShare Newspaper
“Excellent work Roy. Huge congratulations!”
Terrance McKnightRadio Host
“A really engaging chronicle of a man's journey back to his lineage. Amazing facts (and footage) of Jamaica and the history of the Maroons… A must see!”
Melissa ToneyFilm Enthusiast
“Informative and enlightening…I could definitely use this film in the classroom as a teaching tool”
Robert HanserdLecturer, Columbia College
The Weekly Star
“Congratulations. Watching this film made me feel even more proud to be a Maroon.”
Coral BarnettCouncil of Overseas Maroons
“Informative, moving and funny in places. Fascinating history in a personal journey.”
Maxine WatsonCommissioner of Documentaries for BBC
'Native' Wayne JobsonRadio Host